Why VetMedics

Why Choose VetMedics?

Operated by NYS Licensed Veterinary Technicians, we provide critical and non-emergency transport services for pets 6 AM- 11 PM DAILY including all major holidays. When a pets health is in dire need of help, VetMedics is a reliable, professional alternative that pet owners can depend on when the call goes out for help. With over 25 years in the veterinary health industry, you can be sure your pet will be treated with exceptional care...ALWAYS.

"I have a large dog that is injured and can not get up. I can not lift him by myself"! --VetMedics is on to help transport injured pets of all sizes safely and efficiently to the nearest veterinary facility.

"My pet is currently at my Veterinarians office but needs to be transferred to a specialty facility for continued care. I am afraid to transport my pet"! --VetMedics specializes in transport to veterinary specialty centers providing critical care. We are a fully equipped ambulance with oxygen, intravenous fluid infusion pumps, vital monitoring equipment, medications and heat/cooling support.

"My pet has a grooming appointment and I no longer drive. Do you provide transportation to and from my groomer or veterinary office"?-- Yes we do! Scheduled non-emergency appointments can be made between the hours of 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Saturday

"My terminally ill pet needs to be euthanized. Is this a service you provide at home"?--Yes it is. We offer compassionate, caring and peaceful end of life services in the comfort of your pets home with cremation services available.

"We are going away on vacation and my dog does not do well in a boarding facility".--No worries. VetMedics provides full pet sitting services through our sister company www.thewalkingdog.co whether it be one walk or visit a day or full overnight care.